KaeLynn Winn

Dad taught me a life lesson as a young girl while we were in a laundromat. We colored scratchy, off-white pages in a Woody Woodpecker coloring book with crayons. He didn’t teach me that coloring had any rules. He taught me instead that I could hold my crayon a certain way. I could make all strokes go in the same direction or not. I could choose any color in the box for Woody’s crazy hair. Most of all, I had the power to create something that didn’t exist before. This powerful experience defined my introduction to art.

I feel the same satisfaction, wonder and sense of possibility now when painting that I felt years ago. Now the challenge and excitement of creating art that communicates to others and makes them smile keeps me pushing forward. My subjects reflect a love for a rural, hardworking, self-reliant way of life. My style and approach mixes many influences, but I am a regional artist with agrarian roots at heart and work in a contemporary realist style.

I use a specific acrylic paint with a slower drying time, vibrant color, and lack of toxicity or odor. Whether it’s the way sunlight hits giant sunflower leaves, the rusty metal of an old truck, the rough texture of a cottonwood tree trunk, distant mountains, or the silhouettes of grazing horses and cows, I hope my art communicates simple, straightforward appreciation for authentic places and things. My work has no hidden meanings or esoteric symbols. My mission in art is to celebrate plain and simple beauty in the world around us.