Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe has been the lead designer and creative director at Paper so Pretty for the past ten years. Paper so Pretty is a Houston-based company with paper products that include invitations, announcements and a large variety of designer papers.

“I got into design because I found that I have an unusual love for all things fun, cute, and pretty (sounds funny coming from a grown man!),” Wolfe said. “I always have, even at a young age I knew this. I'm always looking at things and products and trying to improve them or give them my own unique twist.”

Previously, Wolfe worked as an art director for the first six years of his career designing baby products. He felt limited working in a large company “with so many chiefs.”

“I saw an opportunity in stationery because of my love of paper,” Wolfe said. “I found that I love designing products that make an emotional connection in people’s lives.”

Wolfe unites his fascination with technology with his love for drawing to bring ideas life. As an Army brat, Wolfe spent many of his childhood years living in Japan. “Much of my love and influence for stationery had to have come from these years in my life,” Wolfe said. “Watching the Japanese work ethic and attention to detail certainly made an impression on me.”

Another major influence was viewing “beautiful traditional Japanese art on a school field trip.” Wolfe said, “I can remember being amazed and in awe of color coming off the designs on the handmade rice paper. I knew then that art would certainly be an influence in my career choice.”