Karla Dornacher

Karla Dornacher is an artist, illustrator, and writer. She also considers herself an encourager.

As a young girl, she aspired to be an artist. Once she married, Domacher instead channeled her creativity into roles as a wife, mother, gardener, crafter, and keeper of a busy household.

Self-taught, Domacher painted her first picture when she was 40-years-old. Her early pen and ink and watercolor paintings became a means to share words of hope, encouragement, and blessing with other women.

In 1996, Domacher launched a home-party business as an avenue to sell her art and personally connect with others. That leap of faith opened doors and led to writing and illustration opportunities. Domacher has illustrated 16 books, including two CBA Bestsellers, and established a licensing career.

During her career, she has worked with many manufacturers in the home and gift industries including fabric, dinnerware, greeting cards, wall decor, calendars, and flags. Domacher published her first coloring book, Simple Blessings, before such books became a major trend. Her book ranked in the Top 100, in books overall, on Amazon for several weeks.

Her current portfolio includes a whimsical folk-art style of mixed-media, acrylic paintings, and hand-lettered designs, along with contemporary pen and inks.

Domacher works in her home studio in Vancouver, WA, where she lives with her husband and two cats.